Medical Ophthalmic Examination

What Does An Eye Exam Entail?


Visiting the eye doctor isn't anything you need to worry about. We'll simply take a look at your eyes and help you solve any concerns you may have. When you come in, check in with our receptionist and fill out any missing paperwork. After that, you'll meet with our specialists, who will evaluate your eyes using a series of tests. We may ask you to cover one eye and read some letters, or we might shine a gentle light in your eyes. Mostly, we'll ask you questions about how your eyes feel.


How Often Should You Get Your Eyes Checked?


We recommend that healthy children and adults alike have their eyes checked every two years. Patients who already wear contact lenses or glasses should have their eyes checked annually. Patients who are 50 or older, or who are more at risk for vision problems, should also have their eyes checked annually. Consistent vision exams allow us to identify any eye conditions you may have and even help us to predict future problems.


Things We Check For

Your vision is important, and having that vision checked is equally important. Eye exams help us catch potential problems and diseases early on, allowing us to start treatment early. Although your eye trouble can often be remedied with a simple prescription for contacts or glasses, there are times when the issue is more complex. That's why we test for many eye diseases, including diabetes and glaucoma.