Stylish Eyeglasses

Glasses have become more than a necessity for those with poor eyesight. Now your frames are a fashion statement too. Choose from our selection of local and designer brands. Experiment with frame shapes and color preferences. With our diverse collection of eyeglass options, we will help you select the frames that best fit your style and personality. Stop by our office today and start seeing things clearly.


Comfort In Contacts

We also carry ACUVUE Brand Contacts for our patients that prefer to correct their vision in this fashion.


Customized Lenses

Some of our patients' eyes require a little extra care than most. That's why we offer customized eyeglasses options. We want your eye care personalized to you; whether you're looking for the latest in progressive lenses, or state of the art CRIZAL anti-glare, we have the options you need.


Update Your Prescription Today

It's important to keep your prescription updated. After all, what good do glasses do if they don't help you see better? As your eyes grow and change, your prescription will too. Using old glasses or contacts causes your eyes to strain, often leading to more damage. Protect your eyes. Call today to schedule an exam and get an updated corrective lens prescription.